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July 16, 2023
Desperate Times | Session 8

BY: Tim Chilvers
DATE: Sunday 16 July 2023

‘BIBLE PASSAGES: Read online
Revelation | Chapter 3 | Verses 14-22

The last few years have shown that we can’t presume that our standards of living will always keep in increasing. But should that really be our goal anyway? For the ancient followers of Jesus, they had mistaken material comfort and wealth as being the central thing in life. And John reminds them that true riches come not from physical wealth but from following Jesus.

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Each week there are TWO different sets of questions for you to use, whether you are exploring the Bible within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.

These are simple questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk (ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group):

1 | Was there anything that particularly helped you during the talk?

2 | Was there anything that you didn’t necessarily agree with, or found difficult to understand in the talk?

3 | As a result of the talk, what:

a. Changes do you want to see?

b. Truths do you need to remember?

c. Actions do you need to take?



These are questions that are based on the talk and the surrounding themes:

Read: Revelation, Chapter 3, verses 7-13

1 | How would you define the word ‘wealthy’? What does it mean? Do you think of yourself as rich?

2 | Read Revelation 3:14-22. In Revelation 3:14, Jesus is referred to as the “Amen”, the “faithful and true witness” and the “ruler of God’s creation”. How do these titles reflect His character and authority? What impact might this have on how we read the verses that follow?

3 | In verse 15, Jesus rebukes the church in Laodicea for being “neither cold nor hot.” What does this metaphor mean, and how does it apply to our spiritual lives today?

4 | In verse 17, the church is challenged for being duped into believing that they are “rich, wealthy, and in need of nothing.” In what ways might people think the same today? How does this contrast with God’s evaluation of their true spiritual condition? How might this warning resonate with the materialistic culture we live in? (See also Matthew 6:24 and Luke 12:15.)

5 | According to verse 18, Jesus advises the church in Laodicea to buy “gold refined by fire” and “white garments.” What is the significance of these symbols, and how can we acquire them in our own spiritual lives? (Refer to 1 Peter 1:7 and Isaiah 61:10.)

6 | Why do you think money and wealth can be such a hindrance to our spiritual lives?

7 | In verse 19, Jesus expresses His love for the Laodicean church and His desire to discipline them. What is the relationship between love and discipline? How does this apply to our understanding of God’s love and correction in our lives? (See Hebrews 12:6-7.)

8 | In verse 20, Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” What is the significance of this image, and how does it relate to our personal relationship with Christ? How can we respond to His invitation? (Consider John 10:9 and Acts 16:31.)

9 | Verse 21-22 promises those who overcome an amazing opportunity. What is that opportunity, and what rewards accompany it? How does this promise encourage us to persevere in our faith despite challenges? 

As you work through these questions pray for one another to deepen and develop your relationship with Jesus.


VIDEO |’Book of Revelation Summary’ by the Bible Project (from start until 3mins 45 sec) 

BLOG LINKS | Meditations on Revelation 2-3’ by Sam Storms. 


Revelation for the Rest of Us’ by Scot McKnight and Cody Matchett


Chapter 5 from ‘The Gospel in Revelation’ by Graeme Goldsworthy.

Download link.


‘Revelation’ (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament; BECNT) by Grant Osborne


‘Revelation’ (New Cambridge Bible Commentary; NCBC) by Ben Witherington



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