Riverside is a church made up of people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences who have one thing in common – our discovery of God’s amazing love. It is this love that we hope you will come to know more of by coming along to our services.

Many come to Riverside without any church background and are looking at the Christian faith. We hope you find our services welcoming and relevant to your life, and that you’ll come back week after week and feel at home among us, here at Riverside. We are on a journey together to ‘help people get to know Jesus and grow as his obedient followers’. Join the journey.


Riverside Church began in 1984 in Birmingham – founded by Nick and Lois Cuthbert and others with a vision to reach out to people with the Christian gospel. As it impacted the community it grew quickly, bringing people from a diversity of backgrounds into a discovery of God’s amazing love for us. It is on this foundation of worship, fellowship and evangelism that the church is built, and we continue to reach out to our communities and places of work in every way we can.

We meet on Sundays at Queensbridge School, Moseley / Kings Heath and also at Dame Elizabeth School, Bournville. In addition we run a British Sign Language (BSL) Congregation that meets twice a month at Riverside House.


The Bible speaks of a spiritual river in Ezekiel 47:1-12, that starts in the temple (representing the worship of God being our source) and flows out into the world as fresh water, bringing life wherever it flows. There are fishermen along the banks and trees that bear fruit all year long, whose leaves are the healing of the nations. It is from this Biblical picture that Riverside Church gets its name, as we seek to live in the river of God’s Spirit.


After various venue changes over the years the church now meets at Queensbridge School, Moseley / Kings Heath for two services on Sunday mornings, and also at Dame Elizabeth School, Bournville. We also meet weekly in ‘Life groups’  and ‘Community groups’  in homes around the area. We welcome everyone to our services, regardless of their background or beliefs, and we hope you will find it a welcoming and friendly church that reflects the true love of God.


The church attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life, many from Moseley, Kings Heath, Stirchley, Selly Park, Bournville, Northfield, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and other surrounding neighbourhoods, but also from across Birmingham  and beyond (including students from the Universities & Colleges in Birmingham). It has been an immense privilege to see people grow up in the church over the years – not only in age, but moreover in their faith, as they take hold of the promises of God offered through faith in Jesus Christ and the purposes God has for them.


Our ‘Life groups’ (3-10 people) and ‘Community groups’ (15-35 people) provide an important means of helping new and mature believers alike to build relationships and grow in their faith, and to move out in evangelism and ministry within and outside the church family. These groups really provide the heart of what church community is about and we encourage everyone who settles at Riverside to get involved, as it is often difficult to develop strong friendships in a church so large if you only attend the Sunday services.


We maintain strong working relationships with Birmingham churches locally and nationally from across all the main church denominations, and we are members of the Evangelical Alliance and subscribe to their statement of faith. We hope that everyone who comes through the doors of the church will have a life-changing experience of God and will find a place to grow and mature in their faith through prayer, Bible application, worship and service. Finally and foremost we hope that Riverside is a place where God is glorified and Jesus is central in all we do.

There’s much more going on within the church than we can mention here, so we would encourage you to look around the rest of the site, and to keep visiting it regularly to stay up to date and informed, or even better – come and see for yourself what Riverside Church is like.


We believe the Bible teaches us that true worship is a response to God, for who he is and all he has done; a response that encompasses our whole lives. Each of our daily activities, with the appropriate focus, can be worship to God.

When we gather on Sundays it’s to worship God together, sharing in a common experience of God’s grace. We encounter our living God, by the power of His Spirit, through what Jesus has done for us and as we worship together we are led out to worship God with the rest of our week, in our homes, communities, schools and workplaces, for the good of the world.

Committed members of Riverside are welcomed to join the worship team, and serve to facilitate our corporate worship through music, creative arts and media. If you would like to actively serve at Riverside by joining the worship team, please contact Ben Pearson by phone 0121 442 4484.

Tim Chilvers

Senior Pastor

Judy Moore

Associate Pastor

Sarah Auger

Site Leader - Bournville

Nathanael Ballew

Site Leader - Moseley & King's Heath

Ben Pearson

Worship Director