We are looking for a new Events Manager (post has been formed following retirement) at an exciting time as the church adapts to new realities post-lockdown. The responsibilities include arranging events, managing a team of volunteers, handling legal, safety and other compliance, providing equipment for PA, visual and web presence, catering and other needs, wherever required for regular or one-off gatherings (including Sundays).

  • Are you able to oversee the successful running of church events, including Sunday gatherings, behind the scenes?
  • Do you have the skills to build and work with teams to make sure the logistics and production side of events run smoothly?
  • Can you work with a diversity of people and groups, both inside and outside the church, to ensure that venues and provisions are in place to deliver events well?
  • Do you have a good working knowledge & experience of AV, IT and PA to help us run events both physically and online?
  • Do you have an aptitude for hard work to make sure that events and gatherings run well?
  • Are you able to recruit and train others well so that teams can be built to run events and gatherings smoothly?

Please know that there may be other P/T roles that can be combined to make this a F/T post, including the role of an Operations Manager as an option. Please enquire if this is of interest.

APPLICATION (Closing Date: 27 August 2021)