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Closer Than You Know

Have you ever felt like you really needed to hear from God, or simply to know that he was there? Perhaps you faced an opportunity, a difficult decision, or a tough situation. Or, perhaps God seemed so far away. Join us for this six-week series – focussing on one situation in the life of Moses (Exodus 2&3) – as we explore whether God is closer than we realise; how to know if he still speaks today, and how to work out if God cares about our lives.


We love meeting together in different ways, and in different places during the week in our groups.

Our main Sunday Gatherings take place across three different locations:

In-Person: 9.30am | 11:30am | 6:30pm

Riverside Central Hub: Riverside House
21 Alcester Road
B13 8AR (Google Maps)


Saffron Centre
256 Moseley Road
B12 OBS (Google Maps)


Online: From 9.30am LIVE on our YouTube Channel

Sunday Gatherings:


For all church updates please visit our ‘Riverside News‘ blog posts. Some recent updates about Sunday Gatherigs have been included below:


# Our ‘Monthly Joint Sunday Gatherings’ will now be called our ‘BIG Gatherings’.
# The venue for our BIG Gatherings in 2024 will be The Saffron Centre, 256 Moseley Road, B12 0BS 
# The dates from 31 March will change to become ‘bi-monthly’. On the other weeks we will meet at Riverside House as normal.
# The times from 31 March will change from 9:30am to 10:30am.

See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for the Saffron Centre dates during 2024. 


Sunday Gatherings:

What Happens?

Our Sunday Gatherings are very welcoming and informal. They last for approx 1 hour. We spend some time worshipping together, hearing a Bible-based talk that inspires and encourages and during the service there will be an opportunity for prayer.

What resources are available for Children & Youth each Sunday?

Children and young people are the church of today as well as the church of tomorrow.

In-Person: At our weekly gatherings at Riverside House Sarah Thomson (our Head of Children’s Ministry) and John Goodliff (our Head of Youth Ministry) are currently running in-person groups each Sunday during our 10am Service. For our Monthly Joint Gatherings please refer ot the event description as this can change each month.
Note: There are not any Children’s or Youth provisions during our 11:30am service.

Online: Our in-person resources used each week are also available online via our church blogThis means that if you are unable to attend one of our Sunday Gatherings in-person, you can still study and follow along with the same material at a time that is best for you. However you study, we encourage you to engage with your group as much as possible. 
Note: Sunday videos are only available for our Youth (Roc Solid). 

To find our more about our children’s and youth activities please do contacts us, we would love to hear from you. More information is also available via the our children and youth pages.

When are the BIG Gatherings at The Saffron Centre?

2024 BIG Gatherings | Saffron Centre, 256 Moseley Road, B12 0BS 

3 March – 9:30am
31 March – 10:30am – Easter Sunday & Baptisms (Reminder: Clocks ‘spring’ forward 1 hour)
5 May – 10:30am
7 July – 10:30am
1 September – 10:30am
3 November – 10:30am

Transport & Parking

Riverside House:
# Car/Parking | Click here for our address. Local street parking only. IMPORTANT: Please do not block people’s drives.
# Bus | The No 50 bus route goes past Riverside House. Click here for Bus Network Map.

Saffron Centre:
All information can be obtinaed from the Saffron Centre Website.



To discuss our accessibility further please do contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Riverside House:
#Parking: We have disabled parking spaces at the back entrance to Riverside House.
#Entry: On Sunday mornings anyone who uses a wheelchair or mobility aide can use the back entrace to Riverside House (off Augustus Road East). Outside of Sunday mornings access can also be made via the front of Riverside House but please to contacts us as certain doors will need to be opened.
#Hearing Loop Available? Yes

Tally Ho:
# Parking: There are two allocated disabled parking spaces at the front and back car parks fo Tally Ho. (Map coming soon)
# Entry: On Sunday mornings anyone who uses a wheelchair or mobility aide can use the side entance to the Lord Knight Suite (The patio areas opposite the football pitches).
# Hearing Loop Available? Yes

What & When Is Communion?

As part of our worship during our Sunday Gatherings we regularly take communion together. This is a time to join with millions of other Christians in this ancient practice, reminding ourselves of the sacrifice Jesus made. You may wish to get some bread and wine (or juice) ready for your group when you have church at home.

10 March

Dates to be confimed

Communion Contact: Judy More

Riverside Kids will now join with everyone else for communion on a fortnightly basis at our Sunday Gatherings. If you have any question please contact Sarah Thomson.  



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