Hilarious Generosity | Session 4

Someone once said that you never meet an unhappy generous person. In contrast, when you think of Ebenezer Scrooge, you think of unhappiness and misery…all because he is uncharitable and demanding. The bible describes generosity as, ‘God loves a cheerful giver.’ The original word used for ‘cheerful’ is actually closer to ‘hilarious’. What a beautiful image…someone laughing hysterically as they freely give generously. Isn’t that the kind of experiences we all want to have? How do we get there?

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From Worry To Certainty | Session 3

Financial worries are always near top of the list when it comes to life anxieties. What if we trusted the one who gave us the very breath in our lungs more than we trusted the gifts he gives? Perhaps part of our fear about being generous is because we value money too highly? Perhaps we need to remember that where our treasure is, there is our heart.

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What’s Mine Is Yours | Session 2

Have you ever been trusted to look after something that wasn’t yours? How did you act? You get it wrong, everything goes pear-shaped! But, get it right and joy abounds! That’s what it means to be a steward. When it comes to being generous, it starts with recognising that we are stewards. Everything we have comes from God, and is to be used for God. Recognising this is an immensely freeing thing – as it sets us free to not worry about whether we have enough, and how we should use what God has given us.

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Never Enough? | Session 1

It seems that we all think we haven’t got quite enough! What about you? As we begin this series on generosity, perhaps we need to change our focus. What if being content with what we have is actually the start of being generous. It’s only when we recognise that everything we have comes from God and recognise that he generously provides for all of our needs that we are able to be content. And it is this contentment that enables us to be generous.

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Open Handed | Series Outline

Have you ever been given a gift that is so generous, it blows you away? Have you ever given a gift like that? It feels so good, doesn’t it? Join us at Riverside to explore what a generous life looks in practice. It starts with realising how much you’ve be given. The more you discover the generosity of God, the more it naturally leads to generous lives. But, what does generous living actually mean? Join us for this 6-week teaching series to unpack what it could look like for you.

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Changing The Conversation About Other People | Session 3

We live in a tribal world, when it is easy to live in our echo chambers. We dismiss people who don’t agree with us, and only need to embrace those who do. But, what if the good news of Jesus makes us see people differently? What if we bless those who are against us, and do good to our enemies? What if we try and live honourably and at peace with everyone? That would change the world!

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Changing The Conversation About The Church | Session 2

Recently, a local man turned up to one of our Sunday morning gatherings because he had been told ‘Go to Riverside, they’ll help you.’ What does it mean to be a church that changes the conversation? Perhaps it means being so transformed ourselves, that we relentlessly work to transform the lives of others. That’s the kind of community that changes everything – were people’s needs are generously met, as they are pointed to the generosity of God.

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Changing The Conversation About Ourselves | Session 1

Change starts with us. How we see ourselves is an important foundation in changing the conversation. If we think too highly of ourselves, we put ourselves on a pedestal over others which leads to hearts that are full of judgement. If we think too poorly of ourselves, we set others on a pedestal and will lead to a heavy burden that we can’t carry. The good news of Jesus shatters both of these views. Only when we are able to see ourselves ‘rightly’ does it lead to change in how we treat God, ourselves and others in a way that is truly life-giving.

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Changing The Conversation | Series Outline

The start of a new year is an opportunity to think about the year ahead. We want to be the kind of church that changes the conversation. This starts with us. In this three-part series to kick-off 2024, we will explore three conversations that need to change. And each of these begin by changing the way we think. As we let God change how we see ourselves, our church and the world around us, who knows what might happen.

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