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Speaker: Judy Moore

Judy Moore is the Associate Pastor at Riverside Church.
September 25, 2022
What’s The Problem? | Session 2

BY: Judy Moore
DATE: Sunday 25 September 2022

1 Luke (Chapter 15, verses 11-32)
Psalm 51

Someone once said that, ‘You can’t make progress until you know what the problem is.’ The speed of change in our world is astonishing – medical advances; technological breakthroughs; political developments. And yet, despite all of that change and that good that comes from it, we can’t seem to escape the fact that there are so many problems that we create too. What if we’re part of the problem? What if the old-fashioned idea of ‘sin’ is the best news possible?

Bible Study Questions

We invite you to use the below questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk. Ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.

1 | What do you think your friends think ‘sin’ is?


2 | Read Luke 15:11-32. Notice who Jesus tells the story to (v1-3). In a sense, this famous story is about a definition of ‘sin’, and how God sees it. What are the two different understandings of sin that Jesus gives (illustrated by each brother in the story)?  How might this change how we see ‘sin’?


3 | Notice the two contrasting responses to the grace of the father (v18-19, and v28-30). What might this show you about how sin impacts us? Which of the brothers do you most feel like at the moment?


4 | Reflectively read Psalm 51. Which of David’s words do you most identify with at the moment? Which descriptions of God’s character and deeds do you find most comforting and challenging?


5 | As you read Luke 15:31-32 and Psalm 51 :1-2, what hope does this give you for your own life, and for those you know who need to know God’s grace and love for themselves?


6 | Take some time to pray for yourself, and for those you know who need God’s grace. Pray that the reality of God’s ‘unfailing love’, and his ‘great compassion’ shown in Jesus would be very real to you and them.



BLOG POST: https://www.publicchristianity.org/on-being-a-sinner/

VIDEO: Each week we will share a video from the Alpha Film Series. We encourage you to watch this when you meet with your Group; or during your own personal Bible Study time.






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