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October 16, 2022
What is Distinctive about Christian Hope? | Joint Gathering

BY: Phil Knox
DATE: Sunday 16 October 2022

2 Corinthians Chapter 4, verses 7-18

There’s been a lot of talk about hope recently as we have emerged slowly from the pandemic.  In a month’s time we will be at another World Cup and the hopes of a nation will be realised or dashed.  Hope is only good if it’s in the right place.  And Christian hope is in a person, and the Bible’s promise is that it makes all the difference now and forever.

Bible Study Questions

We invite you to use the below questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk. Ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.

1 | Why do you think we struggle to be real with people?  Who are you most real with?  Why?


2 | If you could only take 5 items to entertain you on a desert island what would you take?


3 | What is the craziest thing you think people put their trust in?  What are the subtle, more plausible, places we put our hope?


4 | Read Romans 5:1-5 – what do you see in the link between suffering and hope?


5 | How have you seen the treasure in your heart impact the lives of others?  When have you believed that God couldn’t or wouldn’t use you to make a difference?


6 | Where is God encouraging you to be hopeful at the moment?


7 | Who are the people who need to know the hope of Jesus in your life at present?  What might God be encouraging you to do to invite them to take the next step?




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VIDEO | Each week we will share a video from the Alpha Film Series. We encourage you to watch this when you meet with your Group; or during your own personal Bible Study time.





Riverside is a church made up of people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences all with one thing in common, our discovery of God and his amazing love. 

We are on a journey together to ‘help people get to know Jesus and grow as his followers’. 

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