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Speaker: Tim Chilvers

Tim Chilvers is the Senior Pastor at Riverside Church.
April 14, 2023
We Need To Talk | Session 12

BY: Tim Chilvers
DATE: Sunday 16 April 2023

James | Chapter 5 | Verses 13-19


Surely confession can’t be that important? The journalist Dorothy Dix was quoted as saying “confession is always weakness”; but is this really true or might confession be one of the most powerful things we can do? How often are we really honest with those closest to us? Really, really honest….telling them the things we know are embarrassing, hard and let our guards down so they see the real us, the bits that aren’t quite as shiny as we’d like them to be. Do we prefer to stick to the Instagram perfect pictures, where everything is filtered to perfection? Yet this is what we have been called to do to help us grow in our relationship with God and help us live fully in the freedom that God intended for our lives. James helps us to realise there is great power in confessing the things we struggle with so we can live fully in the light of Jesus.

  Youth Resources

Bible Study Questions

Each week there are TWO different sets of questions for you to use, whether you are exploring the Bible within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.

These are simple questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk (ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group):

1 | Was there anything that particularly helped you during the talk?

2 | Was there anything that you didn’t necessarily agree with, or found difficult to understand in the talk?

3 | As a result of the talk, what:

a. Changes do you want to see?

b. Truths do you need to remember?

c. Actions do you need to take?


These are questions that are based on the talk and the surrounding themes:

Read James Chapter 5, verses 13-19


1 |Were there any points that stood out for you from the talk on Sunday? Was there anything you particularly agreed or disagreed with?


2 | The journalist Dorothy Dix was quoted as saying ‘confession is always weakness’. Do you agree with this statement in any way?


3 | In verse 16 James tells us ‘confess your sins to each other so that you might be healed’. In what ways do you think confession may lead to healing?


4 | When is the discipline of confession an unhealthy preoccupation with sin and when is it a proper recognition of our need for forgiveness?


5 | Spend some time in silence before God, inviting Him to reveal anything within that needs to be confessed. You might want to also choose a trusted person to share these with in the week ahead.


6 | Over the last 12 weeks we have gone on a journey through the book of James. What has stood out for you as a take away point(s) from the teaching of James. You might want to spend time re-reading some of the passages from James before sharing with you group.


As you work thorugh these questions pray for one another to deepen and develop your relationship with Jesus in this year ahead.


  Bible Study Resources

WEBSITE |Helpful brief overviews of James: The Bible Project: James Video. (8 mins)

BOOK | The Letter of James by Scot McKnight (a shorter version with questions is also available: James & Galatians by
Scot McKnight). Please contact us to borrow a copy if you are preparing teaching material.

BOOK | The IVP Bible Background: Commentary by Craig S. Keener.

# Helpful for a brief overview of James.

BOOK | James NIV Scripture Journal

# Single copy £1 from this website.





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