1. We value the authority of the Bible

We believe the Bible is the final authority in all matters of life and conduct. We seek to communicate its timeless message in a way that calls for transformation and not just information. We use a wide variety of creative methods to share its message.

2. We value the centrality of worship

We believe that it is our common experience of grace that calls us together. It is because of this grace that we offer our lives fully to God as an act of worship. Our Corporate Worship expresses our gratitude and desire to put Him first.

3. We value all people especially those outside the church family

We believe that the church has a responsibility to prioritise people outside the church family. We intentionally create a safe and inclusive environment where people can belong before they believe. We encourage each person in the church to build meaningful relationships with non-Christians in this limited time we have on earth to share the Good News.

4. We value community

We believe the church is a family to which people belong and not a place to which people go. It is founded on love, acceptance and forgiveness and an appreciation of the immense value of every person. We enjoy informality and encourage openness and authenticity in relationships. We believe small groups are a vital part of church life, and desire to see everyone involved in some way.

5. We value team work

We believe God has created each person uniquely and everyone is gifted. We want every person to find his or her gift and discover a place to serve. We believe that teams are the best environment for gifts to be expressed for great fruitfulness.

6. We value men and women working together

We believe that men and women were created equal and should work together in equality, complimentary and mutual submission. We encourage the use of gifts regardless of gender in all areas of ministry.

7. We value servant leadership

We do not believe that the church is a democracy but that God has placed leadership and ministry gifts within the church and we encourage openness of communication between all members of the church. We believe that leaders are called to serve the Body of Christ in helping each person to be released for ministry.

8. We value the church as ministers

We believe that the ministry belongs to the people. Leaders are there to motivate people to do the work of ministry. The world is the object of our ministry and people are to be released to be effective in their God-given calling.

9. We value excellence

Excellence is doing the best we can with the resources we have. We believe that excellence honours God and inspires people. We discourage perfectionism and encourage risk-taking.

10. We value our place in the worldwide family of the church

We believe that we are only one part of the local Body of Christ in our area of the city, in the whole city, in the country, and in the world. We seek as best we can to play our part in that Body and serve the wider Body of Christ. We seek to be a resource to other churches.

11. We value prayer

In all things we want to be submitted to God and under His authority. We desire to hear from Him and to be obedient to Him. We recognise that nothing of value will happen unless He works. We see prayer as relationship and a sign of dependence. We desire that every part of our church’s life be undergirded with prayer.

12. We value children and young people

We do not see the children just as the church of tomorrow but as a vital part of the church of today. We want to give children and young people good role models, a healthy spiritual framework to their lives and a desire to share their faith with their generation.