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Nathanael is a member of our leadership team and is responsible for organising all the Gatherings that happen across Riverside. He also works for Riverside Performing Arts (RPA).
July 25, 2021
Take Hold | S6: Time To Party

Teaching Series Introduction:

We have a once in a generation chance. There is so much pain behind us, and so much possibility ahead. What if this is the moment? What if now is the time to throw off the past, and take hold of a future that really is different. What if now is the time to take hold of life?

TAKE HOLD: Session 6

TITLE: Time To Party
BY: Nathanael Ballew
DATE: 25 July 2021
BIBLE PASSAGE: Nehemiah (Chapter 11, verses 1-2 & Chapter 12, verses 27-30)

It’s only when we look back can we see how far we have come. It’s only as we take time to see what God has done, that we really can party!

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