Riverside News: September 2022

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25 September: Prayer & Worship Gathering

Prayer is the engine room for the church. As we pray we are choosing to trust God and step forwards in faith for what he has called us to.

We would love for at least one person from each household to join our monthly Prayer & Worship Gatherings. These place on the 4th Sunday evening of the month from 8pm to 9.30pm. There will be plenty of time to worship and to listen to God. Feel free to bring a word or verse of scripture to share.

On Sunday 25 September will will be meeting in-person ONLY. However, our intention is to run some of these gatherings with the option to join on Zoom for anyone unable to attend in-person.

Our Prayer & Worship Gathering will be moving a week forward to Sunday 16 October as we partner with the Time4Change prayer event (churches across Birmingham coming together to pray about racial reconciliation).

For all the details: Visit Time4CHange event here. 

Published: Tuesday 6 September
Last Updated: Tuesday 6 September

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Riverside Alpha Courses

In September Riverside will be running both an Online and In-Person Alpha course. The Alpha Course is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith in a relaxed and friendly environment.

You are invited to join us. If you have already completed Alpha, please do invite your friends and family along. Also, please do join us in praying for those running the courses and for those who have already signed-up. For full information and to sign-up please visit our website.

Alpha Online
7:30pm to 9:30pm for 11 weeks – Started last week but we still invite anyone to sign-up! It’s not too late. 

Alpha In-Person 
7.45pm to 9.30pm for 11 weeks from Sunday 25 September.

Published: Friday 2 Sep
Last Updated: Friday 23 Sep

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Belonging To Riverside

Belonging To Riverside: Autumn Term

We would like to invite you to an event called ‘Belonging to Riverside’. Both to further welcome you to the church and to share with you a bit more about our vision and values, as well as getting to know you a bit better.

The session will cover ” Who are we?“  where we  will share the vision and values of Riverside and  “Who are you?“ where we would love to get to know you a bit more and see how we can help you settle in more to church life.

Please do sign-up and we really looking forward to seeing you there.

If you would like further information please contact: Sarah Auger
0121 442 4484

We plan for the next Belonging To Riverside event to be in Spring 2023 (January). 


Published: Tuesday 6 Sep
Last Updated: Tuesday 6 Sep

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Early Bird Discount ENDS IN SEPTEMBER

We are really excited to announce that we are planning a church-wide Weekend Away next year: Friday 19 May to Sunday 21 May 2023.

For al the details and to book your tickets please visit the events page. If you have any questions please contact us.

Watch the trailer video.

If you would like to join the Planning Team for the weekend please contact us via our website or e-mail info@riverside-church.org.uk

Published: Friday 13 May
Last Updated: Friday 10 June (Booking link added).

Latest News:

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Christmas: Save The Dates

Save the dates! Join us once again for Christmas at Riverside! We have loads of activities and services planned. So, visit our website to discover what adventures you can come along to with your friends this Christmas time!

Published: Friday 23 September
Last Updated: Friday 23 September 

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Calling all creatives! - Christmas Open Workshop

Calling all creatives! Whether you are a musician, singer, dancer or actor; we would love for you to get involved with a special community carols service (Christmas Extravaganza) that will be held on Sunday 4 December at Tally Ho.

If you are interested in being part of this please come along to an open workshop on Sunday 9 October (3:30 pm to 5pm at Riverside House). Everyone aged 11 upwards welcome.

No need to sign-up, just turn up on the day and feel free to invite your friends and family along.

If you have any questions please contact Judy Moore: judym@riverside-church.org.uk or 0121 442 4484.

Published: Tuesday 6 September
Last Updated: Tuesday 6 September

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New Teaching Series: Christian

We live in a weird society. No really, we do – we live in a WEIRD society (Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic). So many of the values we take for granted are neither universal or common. And so, how did we get here? And what happens when we begin to undermine those values without even realising? Join us for a series in which look at the foundations of what it means to be Christian. We will explore the basic values that so many of us take for granted, and yet so easily forget. Join us to explore foundations that have changed the world, and still do!


For two hundred years we had sawed and sawed and sawed at the branch we were sitting on. And in the end, much more suddenly than anyone had foreseen, our efforts were rewarded, and down we came. But unfortunately there had been a little mistake: The thing at the bottom was not a bed of roses after all.

(George Orwell)


Teaching Series Resources are available via our blog; including for Children & Youth.

Published: Tuesday 13 Sep
Last Updated: Tuesday 13 Sep

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Welcome: Riverside Academy Trainees

We are delighted to welcome our 2022-23 Academy trainee cohort to Riverside Church. Please do join us in praying for all that God will be doing in and through them over the course of this year ahead. They have each written a short introduction to help you get to know them better. Michelle will be joining the Riverside Performing Arts track and Zac & Rajendra will be joining the youth track. Please do join us in specifically praying for the last few bits of Rajendra’s visa application to go through so he is able to join us as soon as possible.

Zac (Youth Track)
Hi! My name is Zac and I’m a 20-year-old Brummie. I’m going to be doing the youth track with John Goodliff, learning the ins and outs of working with and guiding youth. I’d really appreciate prayer for confidence and strength from God for the start of this amazing new period in my life, while getting to know all of you.

Rajendra (Youth Track)
I am youth and worship leader of Damauli Church where I have the responsibility of planning and organizing weekly fellowship, Arranging and organizing events, church youth conference as well as I works for Damauli Khabar National Daily, I have the position of news co-subeditor. As a result, joining in Riverside Academy not just as a fantastic chance for further quality volunteering experience, but also as a commitment to hard work and a bright future in religious sector.

Michelle (Performing Arts Track)
Hi! I’m Michelle, I’m 32 and I’m from Wimborne, Dorset. I grew up in a Christian home. I trained as an actor and have worked in the industry for several years. I’ve lived in Greece, New Zealand, Australia and Germany as a result. During covid I started teaching and through that became involved in the Chaplaincy team, where I had the opportunity to perform and also to preach in chapel. It felt so right, like I finally woke up. Then I knew that God was calling me into ministry, and to use my performance skills as a tool within that. This year I hope to develop my ministry and leadership skills, learn theology, use my gifts and grow in preaching. I hope that by the end God will open the right door and I’ll have a better sense of what he wants me to be.

Published: Tuesday 13 September
Last Updated: Friday 16 September

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Riverside Men's Event

As we head into the Autumn season, we’d love to gather as men within Riverside to connect and further galvanise one another. On Saturday 1 October, there is a chance to do just that. Book on now for your spot to have fellowship with one another over curry, as well as the opportunity to worship and pray together on this relaxed evening. We’ll also be hearing more about mentoring opportunities and opening up some discussion on how the men of Riverside can best support one another well.

See you there!
Riverside Men’s Team

Published: Friday 16 September
Last Updated: Friday 16 September

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Book & Cake Sale For Pakistan

We are having a cake and book sale between the services on Sunday (18th) to raise money for the Pakistan appeal. 

Monsoon rains mean that a third of Pakistan has been completely flooded, affecting 33 million people. Thousands of people have been killed any many more are missing. At this time of trouble in Pakistan we invite you to pray with us for all Pakistani people who are victims of the devastating flood. In particular for;

# Those who have lost their loved ones, livelihood, livestock and homes.

# Pakistani government, local charities, churches, and individuals who are trying to help.

If you have friends or family who have been affected by these floods please do know that you can speak with someone from our pastoral team via info@riverside-church.org.uk or phone  0121 442 4484.

 “You are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”
Psalm 42:1


Published: Friday 9 September
Last Updated: Friday 16 Sep

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He's Alive: New Single by Ben Pearson

Watch Video Update

We are delighted to announce that our Worship Director, Ben Pearson, has release a new single: ‘He’s Alive’. It available now on all major streaming platforms. You can listen to this and all future releases from our brand new ‘Riverside Music’ artist page where we look forward to seeing many more projects released in the future.

We are thrilled that homegrown songs from our church community are going to be shared more widely and want to celebrate the God-given gifting we are blessed with as a church. Our prayer is that these songs would encourage, build up and strengthen the body of Christ, ultimately bringing all glory to our incredible Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to keep updated please ‘Follow’ Ben and Riverside Music on Spotify or Apple Music. Listen to the new single ‘He’s Alive’ now by clicking on this link

Published: Tuesday 13 September
Last Updated: Tuesday 13 September

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Science In The Second City

We are pleased to let you know that Science & Faith In The Second City is back! A series of talks with three more excellent speakers lined up for this Autumn. There are a few changes:

  • There will be no lunchtime talks
  • New venue – Novotel on Broad Street Birmingham;
  • Evening events will start at 7pm for 7.30pm and light refreshments will be served at the start. The events will be livestreamed (from 7.30) and will finish at 9.00 pm as before.

Dates for your diary:

# Thursday 29 September: Rev Prof John Swinton – My mental health and spirituality
# Wednesday 12 October: Prof Glynn Harrison – Making sense of our identity in the 21st century world
# Wednesday 16 November: Prof Keith Fox – Do scientists have the right to change our genes?

Please do be thinking about who you could bring with you to these excellent events – whether inviting people to posh-it-up and come into the city*, or hosting something more homely in your front room.

*Dress code is smart casual, so posh is not necessarily required!.

Published: Friday 16 September
Last Updated: Friday 16 September

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Time4Change: Unity Worship & Prayer

Watch Promo Video

Following on from last years highly acclaimed Birmingham Churches Reconciliation Service at the Blues Ground, booking is now open for a similar Worship & Prayer Celebration Event on Sunday 16 October (4pm to 5:45pm). The event will be full of God’s people – coming together from all backgrounds. Join with other churches from across our city to express our unity of faith, as we seek justice across our city and pray for the gospel to go out in power.

Doors open at 3:30pm. Please arrive early and ready to start at 4pm.
Venue: New Testament Church of God, Lozells Rd/George St, 240-244 Lozells Rd, Birmingham B19 1NP
Transport: P
arking will be on surrounding streets. Buses: 16 from City Centre (from Moor St Queensway/back of Carrs Lane) or 8C Inner Circle (then 9 min walk up Church St)
Booking: Click here to reserve your FREE place. 

Published: Friday 16 September
Last Updated: Friday 16 September

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Prayers For Royal Family

It is with great sadness that we join the national and international community in mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As we mourn, we thank God for her life. A life defined by service and commitment to her God and country. She was always clear and bold in proclaiming that she found her strength, solace and purpose in serving her God. The longest-reigning monarch, the Queen was well-respected around the world, and an inspiration to many Christians as she lived out her faith publicly. We remember with gratitude her gentle diplomacy, her wise leadership and guidance in a changing world, and the glimpses into her sense of humour. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

We pray for the Royal Family as they grieve. We pray for Charles our new King and Head of State in his moment of grief, and in assuming the responsibilities of the Monarch.

This Sunday during our gatherings we will mark Her Majesty’s passing and pray together for our nation, our leaders, our future and ourselves. Our service this week (11 Sep) will be 10am at Tally Ho Conference Centre. For further details please see our website.

Published: Friday 9 September
Last Updated: Friday 9 September

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The Bereavement Journey

The Bereavement Journey is a 6-session online course for anyone who has been bereaved at any time and in any way. By means of a series of films and discussion groups the course will gently guide you through the most common aspects of grief, enabling you to process the implications and discern next steps. The 6th session is an optional session where faith questions are addressed, where the first 5 sessions are about different aspects of bereavement.

In-Person Course: Starts on Wednesday 21 September. For more information and to sign-up click here.
The deadline to sign-up is 9am on Wednesday 21 September.

Online Course: Starts on Thursday 29 September. For more information and to sign-up click here.
The deadline to sign-up is 9am on Thursday 6 October.


Sarah’s Story – Watch Video.

Megan’s Story – Watch video.


Published: Tue 16 Aug
Last Updated: Tue 13 Sep (In-Person start date changed to 21 Sep). 

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ReAct Weekly

ReAct Weekly is a fun and exciting after school drama and performance club for primary school ages children, being run by Riverside Performing Arts. It will start on Tuesday 13 September (Term Time). For more information and to sign-up click here for Reception to Year 3 and click here for  Year 4 to Year 6.

Riverside Performing Arts are passionate about making Theatre affordable and proving a safe space for development and having fun. Each Term everyone attending ReAct Weekly will explore different creative skills such as; Characterisation, Story Telling, Physical Theatre, Music, Percussion and more, as well as showcasing what they have learned.

Location: Riverside House, 21 Alcester Road, Moseley, B13 8AR
Pricing: £78 per term (12 sessions).

RPA Website – http://www.riverside-performingarts.org.uk/
RPA on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RiversidePerformArts
RPA on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rivperformarts/

Published: Tuesday 23 Aug
Last Updated: Tuesday 23 Aug

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Riverside Money Advice: Summer Newsletter

I think I forgot how to be human…

This is how Mark describes his experience of struggling to function on £200 a month. Mark’s story is featured in The Riverside Money Advice Summer Newsletter. You can also watch his personal testimony on the RMA YouTube Channel (why not subscribe in?).

The newsletter is packed with all sorts of tips, news, and information – there’s something for everyone! Paper copies have also been sent to every client RMA have ever helped, as well as 56 referring agencies/locations across the city.

The RMA  Team has now grown to 21 people. You are welcome to visit the free cafe or sit in on an appointment if you are interested in understanding what we do or considering being involved. Just give us a call on our freephone number: 0808 196 8778. The cafe runs each Wednesday at Riverside House from 10.30am to 2.30pm: 21 Alcester Road, Moseley, B13 8AR.


Published: Friday 2 September
Last Updated: Friday 2 September

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Tim Chilver’s Sabbatical

On Sunday 10 July during the service Tim Chilvers gave an announcement that he would be going on Sabbatical during the months of August, September and October. We just wanted to include the details here again in case anyone missed the announcement. Tim has also sent an e-mail to all members of the church.

A number of years ago the Trustees at Riverside adopted a policy on Sabbaticals for the pastoral leaders in the church. The policy simply states that the pastoral leaders of Riverside should take a sabbatical every 7 years for their refreshment and rest.

2020 was Tim’s 7th year here at Riverside which meant that he was due a sabbatical. However, obviously, Covid interrupted things dramatically. The plan therefore is for Tim to take a sabbatical during the months of August, September & October. Tim intends to use this period to invest time in his marriage and family life. He is also planning to press in to God for what the future holds for Riverside. His hope is to also try to get some periods away, alongside potential retreats, mentoring and other refreshing things.

What Is A Sabbatical?
The principle of a sabbatical is similar to that of a weekly sabbath. In some respects, a sabbatical is an inconvenience, that is partly the point. It is a reminder that God is in control. In the same way that the purpose of a weekly sabbath is to stop our work and trust that God is in control, so too a sabbatical is a reminder that God is in control. The church, and the leader, are forced to rely on God! And, as we do so, we will find we grow in our faith as we discover that God is in control.

Why Should Church Leaders Get A Sabbatical?
You might say, why should church leaders get a sabbatical when other people don’t? It’s an important question. Most major denominations have sabbatical policies for their ministers because of the nature of the job. Sabbaticals are not a reward for long service. A Sabbatical is much mor like a pit stop in a formula 1 race, a refuelling for ongoing service. Frankly, the spiritual vitality and freshness of the leader has a direct impact on the life of the church and the people in the church. And so, just as Jesus took time out of the business of ministry to be with his Father, so too leaders need to do the same. A sabbatical is simply an extended time to do that for the sake of the church.

What Will Happen While Tims Away?
Practically speaking, the Leadership Team will carry on leading as normal under the leadership of Judy, Ado, Sarah, Nate, Julian and Ben, along with other staff and key leaders, including the Trustees. Riverside life will continue as normal. The things planned for the summer and next term are exciting, with lots to look forward to! However, it does mean that Tim won’t contactable as normal. However, his email address will be occasionally monitored by someone (on his behalf!) just in case there are any things that might get missed, which will then be forwarded on to other members of the team. Obviously, if you have any questions at all over the next few weeks, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The best way to do this is via our website contact page or by e-mailing info@riverside-church.org.uk.

Tim would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to take a Sabbatical. We will be praying that God will continue to grow his kingdom in us all over the coming months. 

Published: Tuesday 26 July
Last Updated: Tuesday 26 July

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RPA Summer Update

# ReAct Summer Intentive
Watch Video Highlight

So much fun has been had over the two weeks of ReAct Summer Intensive! More than 60 children came and learnt skills in film making, arts and crafts, production, script work, dance and musical theatre. They have been exploring two stories in the Bible, helping dramatise them (Noah Ark and David and Goliath). The stories plus the way we interact to the children all week shows them that they are part of a bigger picture and that God can give us courage to be brave when we face giants in our lives. The performances at the end of the week gave the children the chance to showcase all they had learnt and an invitation was given to Riverside Church services as well as other Summer events and a free children’s Bible for anyone who wanted one.

Thank you ReAct Young Leaders!
A highlight for everyone at RPA has also been the development of ReAct young leaders. Each year young people aged 15-18 can apply to help with a week and we have seen some incredibly gifted young people through our doors over the years. It is a huge privilege to see children who have attended ReAct for many years apply and become young leaders, facilitating games, providing one on one support for children who may need it and bring lots of fun and joy to the week. We really could not run our weeks without them so a huge THANK YOU!

 # Egg and Spoon with an elephant!
Watch Video Highlight

Thanks to a grant from the celebrating communities fund and Birmingham City Council, during the summer RPA offered two full days of FREE performances of Emler’s Walk and sports day activities for families to enjoy in Moseley and Bournville. It was a delight to watch over 200 people enjoy the days and engage with the shows and activities. What better way to celebrate the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham than a sack race with a lion or tug of war with a giraffe.

Just one of the many stories:
Whilst speaking with one of the mums at the sports day in Bournville we discovered she had a real passion for theatre growing up, having attended a drama club herself for many years. Her daughters later came along to the RPA ‘ReAct Summer School; they made friends immediately and had a wonderful week. We are delighted to say that the family are also planning on coming along to our ‘Family Fun Day’ run by Sarah Thompson (our Head of Children’s Ministry) and have shown interest in ‘ReAct Weekly’ (RPA after school club). We pray that this family experiences more and more of God’s love for them through the events they are now coming along to. It is a huge delight to see different church ministries of RPA and children’s work coming together and that through children, adults are being introduced to the church family.

Published: Tuesday 23 August
Last Updated: Tuesday 23 August

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Welcome Leah & Claudie

What A Year!
It has been a difficult year as we have tried to regain our feet as a church from the last two years. Like many other churches, we have had to re-look at how we do church and, from that, had to make changes. It has, in many ways, been an exciting journey and still is, as we have welcomed Ado (Operations Manager), Jackie (House Manager), and Mark (Events Manager) joining in with Russell (Communications Manager) to make up the Operations Team.

Welcome Claudie and Leah:
However we needed a Finance Manager to complete our Operations Team. We can now say with great joy that we have filled the role and have welcomed Claudie Richardson to the staff team of Riverside Church. This will indeed be an exciting season for us. Claudie is not the only new employee at Riverside. We would also like to welcome Leah Wilson who will be supporting our church family through various administration tasks while assisting the Senior Leadership Team.

Thank you Genny & Martin!
Leah has taken over from Genny Isgrove; whose one-year commitment had expired and could not continue due to other commitments she had. We would therefore like to take this opportunity and thank Genny for her fantastic work and help during this last year. One final thank you also goes to Martin Robertson, who worked in the background and volunteered with our finances. Martin stepped in last year, spending most of his time auditing and restructuring Riverside’s accounts. It has been such a great joy to have him around, and even now, he will continue assisting us as Claudie begins her new role.

Published: Tue 16 Aug
Last Updated: Tue 16 Aug

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Summer Sundays: 10AM SERVICES ONLY

From Sunday 24 July until Sunday 11 September there will only be one service each Sunday from 10am to 11am. 

10am Services:
24th July – Riverside House
31st July – Riverside House
7th August – Riverside House
14th August – Tally Ho
21st August – Riverside House
28th August – Riverside House
4th September – Riverside House
11th September – Tally Ho

… then from 18 September we will be back to two services (10am and 11:30am).

Reminder: All these dates are available 24/7 via our website.

Published: Monday 11 Sep
Last Updated: Monday 11 Sep

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Summer Sundays: Youth & Children's Resources

Children’s Church: Groups will be meeting as normal at Riverside House & Tally Ho during the summer. However, there will not be any video or activity packs available via the blog until Sunday 18 September. However, if you need any resourses for ‘Church At Home’ with your group contact Sarah Thomson via e-mail: saraht@riverside-church.org.uk
Note: Children’s Life Groups will not be meeting during the summer.

Youth (Roc Solid): During the summer groups will only be meeting at our Tally Ho Gatherings (14 August and 11 September). Groups will NOT be meeting at Riverside House during the summer but Roc Solid are welcome to stay in the main hall during the service; worksheets will be made available. These worksheets will also be available via our blog.
Note: Youth Life Groups will not be meeting during the summer.

Published: Tuesday 26 July
Last Updated: Tuesday 26 July





Riverside is a church made up of people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences all with one thing in common, our discovery of God and his amazing love. 

We are on a journey together to ‘help people get to know Jesus and grow as his followers’. 

Upcoming Events:

Full information about all the upcoming events at Riverside Church can obtained from the events page of our website. You can filter via ‘Featured‘, ‘Monthly‘ or ‘Weekly‘ or you can also view ALL events and filter by category using our ‘Church Calendar‘.

Some information in these ‘Riverside News’ blog posts is only available through your ‘My ChurchSuite‘ account. Got questions? Need access? Please click here or e-mail: info@riverside-church.org.uk

‘My ChurchSuite’ is a great resource that we use to keep everyone in our church family connected and informed. We use it for our church contact and address book, serving and ministry rotas, and it is a simple way for everyone to discover and sign-up for groups, teams and upcoming events. You can listen to latest podcasts, manage your giving donations and even more! It is available 24/7 online from any devices or web browser.

If you would like to submit content for ‘Riverside News’ blog posts please complete our ‘Communications Request Form‘ or e-mail: communications@riverside-church.org.uk by 11am on a Friday. Please remember to include any website links, images and full contact information.

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