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January 28, 2024
Never Enough? | Session 1

BY: Judy Moore
DATE: Sunday 28 January 2024

‘BIBLE PASSAGES: Read online
Matthew – Chapter 10, verses 8
2 Corinthians – Chapter 9, verses 8-10
1 Timothy – Chapter 6, verses 6-11


How much is enough? In some recent research in the US, people were asked ‘How much does your annual salary need to be for you to feel happy/less stressed?’ The results were fascinating! What was remarkable was that – regardless of how much people actually earned – everyone said that they needed about 30-50% more to feel happy. (See here for details) It seems that we all think we haven’t got quite enough! What about you?

As we begin this series on generosity, perhaps we need to change our focus. What if being content with what we have is actually the start of being generous. It’s only when we recognise that everything we have comes from God and recognise that he generously provides for all of our needs that we are able to be content. And it is this contentment that enables us to be generous.

‘Money doesn’t make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.’ (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


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Each week there are TWO different sets of questions for you to use, whether you are exploring the Bible within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.

These are simple questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk (ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group):

1 | Was there anything that particularly helped you during the talk?

2 | Was there anything that you didn’t necessarily agree with, or found difficult to understand in the talk?

3 | As a result of the talk, what:

3a. Changes do you want to see?

3b. Truths do you need to remember?

3c. Actions do you need to take?


These are questions that are based on the talk and the surrounding themes:

Matthew – Chapter 10, verses 8
2 Corinthians – Chapter 9, verses 8-10
1 Timothy – Chapter 6, verses 6-11

1 | What does the word ‘generosity’ mean to you?

2 | Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-10 and James 1:17-18. In what way does these verses describe God as ‘generous’?

3 | What do you think it means to describe God as being generous? Is this something you struggle with?

4 | In Sundays talk, Judy described God as ‘generous in nature; generous for our sakes, and; generous for the sake of the world’. How does v8-10 show this to be true?

5 | Notice the progression in v8…why is God generous?

6 | How does it change things when you realise that ‘every’ good gift is from God (James 1:17-18)? What good gifts do you not normal attribute to God?

7 | On Sunday, Judy quoted the following, ‘When we finally acknowledge that it’s all God’s anyway, you’ll feel your spiritual fingers loosen their grip on things, you’ll finally experience release from the crushing burden of thinking you have to hoard everything that comes your way. It’s not ultimately up to you, you can let go ‘ What do you make of that? 

8 | How would it change your week if you decided to thank God for his generosity every day?

9 | Take some time to pray. Ask that God would help you to see his generosity more clearly. 

As you explore these questions pray for one another to deepen and develop your relationship with Jesus.


Christian Generosity according to 2 Corinthians 8–9’ by Viateur Habarurema


Money Counts’ by Graham Beynon

Some of us want to escape money. Some of us want to embrace money. We fear money, and we desire it. We think about it every day, and yet often we try not to think about it. Graham Beynon shows us how to control our money rather than our money controlling us. In this readable, realistic book, he takes us to the gospel to show how we can handle money well in our hearts, so we can handle it confidently and wisely with our hands.


Giving’ and ‘How do I handle money?’ by Timothy Keller

Four creative ways to be Generous’ by Kristen Wetherell

Financial Wellbeing’ by Dave Smith

The delusions of the Prosperity Gospel’ by Femi Adeleye


Generosity – The Bible Project



Coming Soon





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