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At Riverside we are on a journey together to help people get to know Jesus and grow as his followers. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, you're so welcome in this community.
June 27, 2022
Monthly Joint Sunday Gathering | Life in the Corridor

TITLE: Life In The Corridor
BY: Nick Cuthbert
DATE: 3 July 2022


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Bible Study Questions:

This week there are TWO different sets of questions for you to use, whether you are exploring the Bible within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.


These are simple questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk (ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group):

1) Was there anything that particularly helped you during the talk?

2) Was there anything that you didn’t necessarily agree with, or found difficult to understand in the talk?

3) RESPONSE QUESTION. As a result of the talk, what:

a. Changes do you want to see?

b. Truths do you need to remember?

c. Actions do you need to take?



1) Can you think of a situation when you were ‘in-between’ times (ie. you had finished one significant thing – job, school, relationship etc –  and not yet started another)? What emotions did you experience?

2) Read Exodus 16:1-21. The ancient people of Israel were ‘in-between’ times. They had left slavery in Egypt and had not yet reached the new land they had been promised. In this passage, what was their response to this situation?

3) How does God respond to them? What might that have to show us about God’s heart, when we are ‘in-between’ times?

4) In Nick’s talk on Sunday he quoted, ‘One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.‘ (Andre Gide, French novelist). What do you make of that quote? How does it feel to ‘lose sight of the shore’ in our life?

5) Even though the ancient people of Israel had escaped from slavery, they spent quite a bit of time grumbling about their current ‘in-between’ situation (eg. v7-9). Why do you think that is? Why do you think we find it so easy to grumble?

6) Nick encouraged us to remember three things about being in a time of transition: it is a place of preparation; it is a place of understanding (about ourselves, about God and about our calling), and; it is a place to trust. Why do you think you need to remember at the moment?

7) Take some time to pray. Ask God that he would help you to keep clinging to him in times of change. And, for us as a church, pray that God would  do good things in us, and provide for us, in  the days ahead as we live for the mission he has called us to.





Riverside is a church made up of people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences all with one thing in common, our discovery of God and his amazing love. 

We are on a journey together to ‘help people get to know Jesus and grow as his followers’. 

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