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July 18, 2023
Lifehacks | Series Outline

Sometimes we need a steer on how to navigate uncertain days. But sometimes it’s tricky to know what the best decision to make really is. A wise leader once said that very few decisions we face are about wrong & right, but rather they’re often about what is wise and unwise. In the ancient book of Proverbs we discover how to be truly wise, and then we catch a glimpse of what that wisdom looks like in our everyday lives. Join us over the summer as we explore some ancient lifehacks in an out of control world.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)

“Failure is being successful at the things that don’t matter.”

“Deep down [we all] know the primary exacerbator of burnout isn’t really email, or Instagram, or a constant stream of news
alerts. It’s the continuous failure to reach the impossible expectations we’ve set for ourselves.” (Anne Helen Petersen)

Series Outline

23 July

Session 1: How To Be A Friend That Brings Life
Venue: Riverside House (9:30am – Generations Service)

“A diminishing circle of friends is the first terrible diagnostic of a life in deep trouble.” (David Whyte)

In an age of isolation and online connection, true friendship can be tricky. And yet, perhaps we need friendship more than ever. In Proverbs we catch a glimpse of the perils of unwise friendship, and the huge benefits of friends who bring life.

30 July

Session 2: How To Listen In A World Of Noise
Venue: Riverside House

The old saying goes, ‘you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!’ In our distracted world, everyone has an opinion and wants others to know about it. But maybe true wisdom listens more than it speaks. What would it look like to be known as a good listener?

6 August

Session 3: How To Use Words For Good
Venue: Tally Ho

We’ve all done it – said things that we really, really regret. How can we discover some lasting wisdom to help us use words well, so that we build others up more than we tear them down?

13 August

Session 4: How To Disagree Well
Venue: Riverside House

Disagreement and conflict is a normal part of life. In fact, friction and conflict can be good as ideas are challenged and refined. But how do we do this well? Author Patrick Lencioni once said, ‘Seek to bring light not heat to the conversation.’ Join us to explore how we can disagree well.

20 August

Session 5: How To Handle Money Well
Venue: Riverside House

‘Money makes the world go round’. Does it? And how do we make sure we use our money well, before we start being controlled by money? Just us to explore how fools use money and what wise money principles look like in practice.

27 August

Session 6: How To Have A Future That’s Bright
Venue: Riverside House (9:30am – Generations Service)

When facing decisions, we all want to know what is the best choice to make. How do we know? Where do we go for guidance for the future? Join us to explore some principles of what wise guidance for the future looks like, and how to avoid some pitfalls that will really hurt.





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