Post Author: Tim Chilvers

Tim Chilvers is the Senior Pastor at Riverside Church.
May 14, 2021
Teaching Series | Let The River Flow

As a church our heartbeat has always been to bring the life of Jesus to our city and beyond. He’s changed our lives, and we want everyone else to discover the same hope we have. Like a river that brings life wherever it flows. 

Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to think, pray and dream about the journey that is ahead. Join us for this important Sunday series as we unpack the path before us as a church.

DATE: 14 May 2021


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  1. In the talk on Sunday, Tim asked the question, ‘Are you just living, or are you really ALIVE?’ What would you say?

2. Read Ezekiel 47:1-12. This is the passage in the Bible upon which Riverside was named. What do you notice about the ‘life’ that appears in verses 7-12? How would you describe it?

3. What might be the equivalent signs of ‘life’ in our society today?

4. Read the following passages: John 5:12 ; John 11:25; John 10:10; John 14:6; John 6:68; Acts 5:20. In our society, wehere do people search for ‘life’? In what ways does Jesus give true life? How might we respond to that, therefore?

5.In Ezekiel 47, the river seems to be unstoppable (v3-6)! What could that look like in our city today? How might that change your prayer life?

6. As we step into God’s future for us as a church, what aspects of life do you long to see?

7. Take some time to pray, asking that God would help you to grasp the life that Jesus has for you and then hold it out to others. Pray that we would continue to be a church that brings life to every generation in every community.





Riverside is a church made up of people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences all with one thing in common, our discovery of God and his amazing love. 

We are on a journey together to ‘help people get to know Jesus and grow as his followers’. 

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