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Tim Chilvers is the Senior Pastor at Riverside Church.
January 9, 2022
Joint Gathering | Shine

TITLE: Joint Gathering: Shine
BY: Tim Chilvers
DATE: 9 Jan 2022
PASSAGE: Psalm Chapter 34, verses 1 – 8.

Study Questions

As we begin a new year together, these questions are for you to use, whether you are exploring the bible within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.


  1. In light of the last 2 years during the pandemic, how are you feeling about 2022?

  2. Read Psalm 34:1-8. What do you notice about where David, the author, gets his sense of hope and security? How does that compare to us?

  3. Notice the introduction to the Psalm. Read 1 Samuel 21:10-15. This strange experience in the life of David is almost certainly the context of Psalm 34. A situation of great fear. How does that change how we read verse 5?

  4. Our key verse for the year – Psalm 34:5 – is a promise rather than a pressure. Why do you think we so often make these promises into a “I must do…” rather than a “God will do…”?

  5. In verses 1-4, David talks of how God has rescued him. Read Hebrews 12:1-2. Regardless of what is happening in our lives right now, how can we look to what Jesus has done and therefore know for certain about God’s rescue? How does that enable us to be radiant?

  6. In Psalm 34:8, David invites us to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’. What do you think that means? What does it look like in practice during 2022?

  7. What do you think it might look like to ‘look to Jesus and be radiant’ during 2022?

  8. Take some time to pray – that this year would be a year to shine, both within ourselves and also to other people.

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