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Tim Chilvers is the Senior Pastor at Riverside Church.
September 26, 2021
Jesus | S2: The Manifesto

Teaching Series Introduction:

One man changed history more than any other. Our calendar is based on his life. Our symbols of hope are based on his death… but do we really know who he is?

Session 2: The MANIFESTO

TITLE: Session 2: The Manifesto
BY: Tim Chilvers
DATE: 26 Sep 2021

Sadly, the church hasn’t always been the best window to be able to see Jesus.  And it can be tempting to ignore him as a result of his followers. But as the old saying goes – don’t judge an original classic song on the basis of dodgy cover versions! Instead, remind yourself just how good the original really is. And he really is that good.

Luke Chapter 4, verses 14-30 – Jesus the Teacher
Luke Chapter 4, verses 31-44 – Jesus the Healer

These resources will be used within the various groups in-person on a Sunday morning. This means that if you are unable to attend one of our Sunday Gatherings, you can still study and follow along with the same material at a time that is best for you. However you study, we encourage you to engage with your group as much as possible. If you would like to know about how you can get connected with our children’s or youth groups please contact us, we would love to hear from you.


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Download Script

Study Questions

There are three different sets of questions for you to use, whether you are exploring God’s word within your Life Group, in other group settings, or simply using them on your own.


These are simple questions to provoke discussion together out of the talk (ideal if you are watching our Sunday Service online with others in your group):

  1. Was there anything in the talk that you found particularly helpful, or really connected with you in some way?

  2. Was there anything in the talk that you disagreed with, or weren’t sure about? Why was that?

  3. Out of the talk, is there anything that you particularly want to change or put into practice?


These are questions that are based on the talk and the surrounding themes:

  1. One day a friend says to you, ‘I don’t mind Jesus but it’s the church that I have a problem with. They’ve got it so wrong, so often.’ What would you say?

  2. Read Luke 4:14-21. It is noticeable that this is the passage that Jesus ‘chooses’ to read (v17). This is what Jesus wants people to know about himself! As you think through verses 18-19, what particularly strikes you? How does this compare to the way society might think about Jesus?

  3. Verses 18-19 are a merging together of Isaiah 61:1-2 and Isaiah 58:6. They are a description of the great day of ‘Jubilee’ when, one day, God would rescue his people both physically and spiritually, once and for all. Jesus is making the claim that this day of rescue has now finally arrived (v21), because he has arrived. This is a bold claim if it’s not true! What do you make of his claim? What do you think it looks like for Jesus to do all of those things in verses 18-19? Why do you think Luke decided to include the stories in v31-44?

  4. It is noticeable how verse 19 ends. Compare this to Isaiah 61:2. What point do you think Jesus might be making?

  5. Read v22-30. Notice how the people react – it changes very quickly from v22 and 28. What is going on, and why does their reaction change so quickly? What might that mean for us today?

  6. Why do you think the church has often focussed on so many other things, rather than trying to live in the light of v18-19? What priorities should we have in light of v18-19?

  7. Take some time to pray. Thank Jesus for all that he has done, and ask him to help you have the same priorities that he has.


These are questions to help you go a little deeper, by exploring the wider biblical context. 

  1. During the service on Sunday,  Steven Jack told the story of when he became a Christian. He said it was ‘…like the blinkers had been taken off and I could actually see properly.’ In what ways does Jesus help you ‘see’ properly?

  2. Read Luke 4:14-21. This is sometimes referred to as the Nazareth Manifesto, in which we catch a glimpse of how Jesus sees his own ministry. One author, David Seccombe, describes it in this way, “Jesus’ announcement encompasses salvation in all its dimensions.” He is not talking about either physical or spiritual rescue, but both! What impact might that have on the ways we try and live in the light of Jesus?

  3. Read Isaiah 61:1-2 and Isaiah 58:6. Compare this to Luke 4:18-19. What does Jesus leave out? Why, do you think?

  4. In verses 22-28, we see how people responded to Jesus. (If you would like to, you can read about the events that Jesus refers to in 1 Kings 17-18 and 2 Kings 5:1-14). What strikes you about the change in their reaction? What point do you think Jesus is making in verses 23-27? What might that mean for us today?

  5. In effect, Jesus is saying that accessing all of the good things in v18-19 is not based on geography, or tribal heritage, or ‘being an insider’. No, this good news if for all, including the outsider. Read Acts 13:46-50 and 22:21-22. Who would you say are considered the ‘insiders’ and the ‘outsiders’ today? What about you?!

  6. Read v31-44. In essence, this is an embodiment of all that Jesus has taught in v14-30. Notice what Jesus does, where he does it and who he does it to. What picture of Jesus is Luke (the author) presenting? What impact might this have on your life today?

  7. Take some time to pray, asking that God would help you to live in the light of all that Jesus has done. Thank him for the rescue that Jesus provides.

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